• Selection Of Domaines
    A powerful and intense nose, with discreet hints of oak and dried vine shoots. Marked floral bouquet of grape blossom and petunias. Lingers well in the mouth.
  • VSOP
    This delicious eau de vie is characterised by a rounded taste that lingers well in the mouth, with enduring aromas of pitted fruit (prune, apricot).A real grape blossom softness on the nose, with a final scent of light tobacco.
  • Réserve Extra
    Agreeable nose in which one finds considerable qualities of age, with a pronounced 'rancio'.Releases walnut, hazelnut, peanut, and light curry aromas. Lingers well in the mouth. A highly floral finish (wild carnations, dried flowers, vintage roses).
  • XO
    Robust and well-rounded intensity. Well-aged, with vanilla, chocolate and leather aromas, accompanied by a light Roquefort tang. Spiced finish with cinnamon and nutmeg scents.
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